Rigol MSO5102 digital oscilloscope
Rigol MSO5102 digital oscilloscope
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Rigol MSO5102 digital oscilloscope

The model MSO5102 is a 100 MHz 2-channel digital oscilloscope with 8 GS/sec/Channel sample rate and with excellent properties such as: a very large memory depth up to 200 MioPkt as well as integrated serial bus triggering and a 9-inch touch color display, for optimum display of measured signals. LAN, USB and HDMI control are standard, as well as many math functions.

Highlights & Details

  • Bandwidth 100 MHz
  • No. of analogueue inputs max. 2
  • Sampling rate 8 GSa/s
  • Memory depth 100 Mpts


  • Automatic measurement of 41 Waveform parameters; Vollspeicher-Hardwaremessung function
  • A variety of triggers and dekodierungen for serial protocols
  • Up to 450,000 frames with hardware, real-time and continuous waveform recording and playback functions
  • 9-inch capacitive multi-touch screen, 256-stage intensity level display
  • Unique Online Upgrade Offer
  • New and delicate industrial design, easy to use
  • Integrated 7 independent instruments in 1:digital oscilloscope, logic analyzer, spectrum analyzer, arbitrary waveform generator, digital voltmeter, frequency counter, Protocol Analyzer


  • Basic device
  • Power cord
  • 2x probes PVP2350 350 MHz
3 years warranty
Fast delivery
1 197 € excl. VAT
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